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Courthouse Girls of Farmland

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Angela E. Soper



A Community of Healing

Bosnian female gender survivors"In 2012 I received a grant from the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) to produce a five-minute documentary about a female “changemaker” in the world. The subject was my good friend, Danica Anderson, a forensic psychotherapist and international crisis/disaster responder and psycho-social gender victims’ expert for the International Criminal Court who has traveled the world working with people who have experienced trauma. Several years ago when she traveled to Bosnia, the homeland of her parents, she received the most important training of her career as she observed and worked with Bosnian female war survivors

Danica watched as the women who had no money, no psychological training and no experts on hand used the Slavic circle (or kolo) of friends for support to help heal themselves. Danica went on to develop her own kolo treatment training that she now uses around the globe to help trauma victims heal themselves and stop the cycle of intergenerational violence.

The Kolo: A community of healingI am indebted to my good friend, Norman Klein, for his help with this project, along with many, many other people who donated their time and talent to make this project a reality.

This is the story of The KOLO: A Community of Healing. To learn more about the project and IAWRT, please visit"

- Angela Soper

Danica Anderson with the Kolo

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