Angela Soper, writer of the award-winning documentary Courthouse Girls of Farmland

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Courthouse Girls of Farmland

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Angela E. Soper


Writing for the Web.

Writing for the Web requires more than just giving the facts—it’s an art form that requires doing a very sophisticated tango to heat up search sites like Google. That means using keywords, popular phrases and proper repetition in a way that dances across the page with simple-to-comprehend language that tells your story and tells it well. It must also flow, have style and be very, very search engine friendly. In other words, that tango must be so scintillating it catches real Internet attention. Then there’s the whole other art of tagging everything properly—that extra “oomph” that adds SEO sizzle.

Angela is experienced in using both of these art forms to create text that will attract customers and clients to your Web site.

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